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Some of the features of magneto plugin

Magento plugin is very much flexible. They are having the feature of the rich open source and e-commerce solutions that help in getting the more productivity from the online channel. The magneto is providing the flexibility in creating the rich and good customer experiences and also tailor back end the business work flows. The user can use the hundreds of the free and paid extensions of magnetos for enhancing the features. This is having the open architecture and easy for integrating with the solutions of e-commerce. This is available for free of costs for downloading with easiness to get the community-based supporting.

Here are some of the features of this extension or plugin-
• Design- This is pre-build customer responsive theme. This is having two revisions and only one mockup. You can see the customer category and view the product lists and contact page.
• Marketing, conversion and promotion tools- It is having discount and coupons, customer groups, the landing page for consumers. It also includes the persistent shopping cart and free shipping choice, sending the wish list through email and much more.
• Catalog management- It is including multiple product attributes, the availability of stocks and customer sorting.
• Browsing the catalog- This feature of Magneto extension includes breadcrumbs, recently viewed items, static block tool, list format and configurable searches.
• Browsing of the goods- Multiple images of a product, availability of items, adding on wish lists, Facebook sharing, image zooming and grouped view of items.
• Checking out, shipping and payments- large page checkouts, save the shopping cart, PayPal integration, money orders, the rate of shipping on order, free of shipping, acceptance of checks or money orders.
• Site managements- Controlling website from administration panel, export and import of catalog and consumer data, content management for landing pages and data, supporting for different currencies and languages.
These are some of the features of Magneto extensions.