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RC Drone Users Frequently Asked Questions

Worth the cash?
Yes definitely. It is below the price of setting a realistic 450 heli in the air and that I consider the secondhand cost will be adequate in case I get tired of. No sorrows on the fee per smile for me.

Insufficient range on wifi?
I’ve yet to possess the Wifi cut down on me, therefore it seems greater than encouraged up to now.
Is the camera slow?
From time to time yes. Often it is fast and smooth and sometimes it stutters. Not appropriate for FPV, add your cam system for it. Yet the video stream is enjoyable and that is simply what this bird is concentrated on
More straightforward to fly without camera but looking at it?
Yes I ‘m not certain whether it’s me and my own heli flying customs, but I am mostly seeing the AR Drone for sale itself, taking a look at the display only if I recall it’s video on it
Better with a 2.4GHz system?
Can be wonderful to provide the option to fly using a 2.4 transmitter. Still can feel strange controlling by tipping the iPad.
Adequate in wind flow?
Far better than I anticipated initially. It is somewhat rough but appears to hold up nicely complete
Better at hanging than moving around?
Better at hovering where there’s a clear earth feel. View those promotional videos having a extremely patterned flooring? In my opinion that’s to get the best holding effect in the down facing camera. It isn’t as good on yard, floating in around a foot about. Forwards flight seems to be real easy, considerably better at both than I was anticipating.