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How consultants can learn from Jax Teller

In the movie, Sons of anarchy, to settle conflicts, one of the things that should be learnt from Jax Teller is fact gathering. There are so many times in the movie when this character had to ruin a lot of things, from hearings and not from facts, from assumptions and not from reality. Jax Teller wreaked havoc, not only on his enemies but also on his family;she acted without proper investigation of matters that arose in the movie. Various damages could have been averted or avoided if fact gathering is what Jax did first. One of the lessons that can be learnt from this part of the character is that, no matter the problem you have at hand as a consultant, and no matter the deadline that has been given to you. A very crucial stage to problem solving is fact gathering. Enough facts should be gathered concerning any subject matter before conclusions are made about them, so that one will not end up complicating the matter at hand, instead of solving it completely.

Overreaction is another thing that can be learnt from this character, Jax Teller, there are so many times in the movie that he overreacted in sons of anarchy seasons. An instance is the homicide case of his wife, his overreaction led to him having more enemies than friends, because he murdered everyone he thinks are involved in the case, this also is related to fact gathering, as he worked most times on assumptions and overreaction. In conflicts, even when one has the perfect information, it is vital for one to be able to recognize those ones that are healthy or not. There are some conflicts that require that they be solved almost immediately while others if kept unsolved will not worsen matter but rather lead to greater affiliation with the other party.