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A study of 5 Panel Drug Tests with urine samples


Drug abuse has become a public menace in society, not to mention the utter harm and ruin that befalls young people who are drawn into a life of addiction. The government works on various areas of enforcement to stop drugs from flooding the streets. Additionally, the 5 panel drug test can be used for random drug testing by employers and schools.

How are these tests conducted?

The kit uses urine as a method of testing. There are multiple reasons for this.
• Cost-effectiveness – Urine is the least expensive method for drug testing
• Reliability – Urine tests are highly accurate
• Legality – As per the law, urine tests conducted by approved laboratories are admissible
• Ease of transportation – Once the urine is collected and sealed, it can easily be moved
• Storage of kits – Since the kits are basic containers, they can be stored for years with no added expense.
Types of 5 Panel Drug Tests
There are three types of 5 Panel Drug Tests.
1. Drug Test Strips:

• These are 99% accurate
• Quick results can be made available in just 5 minutes
• Lightweight, easily ported in bulk
• Testing is instantaneous, and hence laboratory costs can be saved

2. Drug Test Cups:

• Once the sample is collected, cups can be sealed to prevent any tampering
• They are easy to transport to laboratories.

3. Drug Test Dip Cards:

• These are used in combination with cups. The cards can be dipped into the urine to get instant results in an easily interpretable manner.
• Ideal for random tests done in bulk in schools, offices, etc.
• It further reduces the possibility of tampering since the test does not change too many hands.
To conclude
• It is important to ensure that the tests are not compromised by tampering; strict policies should be in place.
• Certain drugs need to be tested for immediately. Hence sample storage for a longer period of time will be detrimental.

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